About the A History of Radio at MSOE Digital Project

Scope and Content of the Digital Collection

The goal of the A History of Radio at MSOE digital collection is to provide an interesting and informative look at the Milwaukee School of Engineering's involvement with radio technology and broadcasting since the beginning of the twentieth century.

The resources displayed in the A History of Radio at MSOE digital collection have been gleaned from the holdings in the Milwaukee School of Engineering Archives. Collections used include: school publications (Electric Sparks, AC 10; Mace, AC 12; Electroforce, AC 13; Ingenium, AC 14; Transmitter, AC 17; Campus View, AC 26), class catalogs (Academic Catalog/Bulletin, AC 08), promotional materials (Photo Story, AC 23; WMSE 91.7 FM, AC 36), and media programs (Challenge, AC 21; Sounds of Science, AC 22).

The archival collections consist predominantly of text-based resources, but many of the promotional materials have images and are visually appealing. Photographs have been pulled from many different collections and scanned. Each digital image has been labeled with its physical location in the archives for ease of accessibility.

The Digitization Process

The items selected for display were scanned on an Epson Expression 11000XL flatbed scanner in RGB mode, with 300 dpi resolution, and saved as TIFF files. Display copies were created in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and saved as RGB 150 dpi JPEG files. Within the editing software, images were only rotated, cropped, or pasted together (to save space, as in articles that were continued over multiple pages). Color levels and/or contrast were not adjusted in the interest of representing the documents as authentically as possible.

Credits and Acknowledgments

The A History of Radio at MSOE digital collection would not have been possible without the generous support of the Marjorie Siebert Aylen Foundation, Inc., and the William Stark Jones Foundation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A special thank you goes out to: Gary Shimek, Sandy Everts, Tom Crawford, WMSE 91.7 FM, Denise Gergetz, Sarah Rowell, JoEllen Burdue, Richard Phillips, Hans Schroeder, MSOE Amateur Radio Club, Rachael Morawicz, and Julian Christiansen for their hard work and dedication to the A History of Radio at MSOE project.

The A History of Radio at MSOE digital collection was created in 2014 by Digital Project Specialist, Lindsay Bastian.

Contact Information

Please contact the MSOE Archives for:

Selection of Items

This collection is intended to raise awareness about the Milwaukee School of Engineering's involvement with radio technology for more than a century. Associates of the school have created wireless marvels, transmitted and received ham radio signals from around the world, and entertained the Milwaukee Area for many years. The school's contributions to radio broadcasting and technology are recognizable even today. Resources included in this digital collection have been selected based upon visual interest, informational value, and relevancy to this history of radio at MSOE. New accessions will be evaluated upon these criteria, as well as format-related appropriateness.

Copyrights and Permissions

The items displayed in this digital collection are housed and owned by the Milwaukee School of Engineering Archives.

The images may be copied by individuals or libraries for personal use, research, teaching or any fair use as defined by copyright law. Fair use of copyright-protected works for study, research, and other purposes does not require the permission of the copyright owner provided that the use meets the standard specified in Section 107 of the U. S. Copyright Law.

Permission to reproduce materials in this collection for publication or distribution must be obtained from the Milwaukee School of Engineering Archives. Please see the MSOE Archives Homepage for more information.

This digital collection is composed of scanned items from the Walter Schroeder Library Archives. Items from the physical collections (school publications, press releases, photographs, etc.) have been selected, digitized, assigned metadata, and brought together in this digital display.

Thank you for your interest and support!


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